Since The GreenShows' beginnings in April 2009, TGS have produced 30 fashion shows, two pop-up stores, and an ethical fashion extravaganza at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2012. The GreenShows was the first of its kind during New York Fashion Week, and has risen in awareness within the fashion and media communities.

September 2009 The GreenShows launched with a two-day event at a SoHo store with seven runway shows and an opening night event with Rainforest Action Network and Tiffany, and an array of celebrity guests, including Russell Simmons.


February 2010 The GreenShows took place in a new LEED-certified East Village condo, and TGS produced 11 runways over three days, and featured world famous recycled fashion couturier Gary Harvey. Bloomingdale's executives and other fashion VIPs attended.


April 2010 The GreenShows presented four of Gary Harvey's recycled couture gowns in Bloomingdale's SoHo's windows and another Gary Harvey gown in Bloomingdale's Lexington Avenue for the entire month of April to celebrate Earth Month 2010.


Gary Harvey's 'Army Dress' is front and center in Bloomingdale's 59th Street window. This recycled couture gown is made from a variety of military camouflage fatigues. Camouflage fatigue is an ideal sustainable fabric that is designed to withstand different climates and environments.


Earth Day 2010 The GreenShows produced the EcoLux Pop-Up for six days at Vanderbilt Hall during Earth Day NY's 20th anniversary celebration. TGS stocked over twenty ethical fashion and accessories designers to bring this first of its kind pop-up shop to market.


September 2010 The GreenShows featured 11 ethical fashion designers over three days in runway shows in the Metropolitan Suite, a sustainably retro-fitted space at Metropolitan Pavilion, including up cycled couture EcoArtFashion designs by Miami artist Luis Valenzuela.


Earth Day 2011 The GreenShows created a first-of-its-kind Spring Designer Ecolux Pop-Up in Bloomingdale's SoHo, with seven designers bringing ethical fashion to a major department store, and daily events sharing sustainability with fashion customers, from a book signing to designer appearances.


February 2012 The GreenShows made its Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center debut for a presentation of eight RTW designers and nine accessories designers, once again bringing ethical fashion and The GreenShows' brand acclaim to the elite luxury fashion industry.


Earth Day 2012 The GreenShows was invited to participate in Disneynature's private event by The Walt Disney Company at its corporate headquarters in New York City. TGS created and produced an ethical fashion presentation for Disneynature's annual Earth Day Fair, with over 1,000 attendees.