The GreenShows (TGS) is a leading event, education and consulting company dedicated to the luxury sustainable fashion movement. TGS caters to a community that values beautifully designed modern apparel that is produced ethically and sustainably, crafted for lasting value, and generating minimal waste.


Since 2009, TGS has brought together the luxury sustainable fashion community (LSFC), including designers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, celebrities, all platforms of media, and consumers who recognize this pivotal viewpoint as the real future of fashion. Over the years, the LSFC has become an educated and discerning group that sees value in collaboration and the resulting influence that comes from it. We believe that by collaborating with small to large companies, we can together find solutions significant enough to take on the many challenges facing the luxury fashion industry today with a return to organic and sustainable practices and contribute to a better world for future generations.